School & Gardening update

April 21, 2005

I started a new semester this week. This go around I’m taking Conflict Resolution & Team Dynamics and Shakespeare: The Human Condition. My first classes were last night and they went well, better than previous semesters. I actually like BOTH of my professors. I usually get a good one with a not so good one (to put it nicely) but I scored this time! Thank God! For the Shakespeare class, we’re going to read Romeo & Juliet, Midsummer Night’s Dream and All is True: Henry VIII. A comedy, a tragedy and a drama. You should see the book the school shipped me!!! It’s 4 inches think and the print is tiny! We’re going to try an absorb about 60 pages of the old English a week. I have a feeling that it will equate to taking a Tylenol PM.

This past weekend’s weather was so beautiful! We put the patio table back out and I planted about 12 pots of plants. For Christmas John gave me a gift certificate to an online plant company and I bought a lime tree, a citrus tree and a strawberry pot, the one with all the holes on the side so the plants drape along the sides of the pot. I just love everything that I got, that was a perfect gift for me! I just put in an additional order for about 30 more plants so my patio this year should be beautiful. I cut back on veggies and bought more flowers. Pink, red and purple are my theme for this year. I can’t wait to see everything in full bloom. I know I should be saving all of my money for our wedding but a girl’s gotta live!


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