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Lennon Quote

September 15, 2005

Would those of you in the cheaper seats clap your hands? And the rest of you, if you’ll just rattle your jewelry.

– John Lennon


Saturday Morning Decisions

September 10, 2005

It’s Saturday morning and I have some decisions to make…I could do some homework but knowing it’s not due for 2 weeks makes me want to put it off. I know that’s a bad attitude you don’t have to say it! But I have become really good at banging out papers when necessary and I can’t hide that from myself….my subconscious knows I can put it off a little while and still get it done on time. What’s a girl to do?

Our landlords are going to want to start showing our apartment soon so I’m thinking this morning would be a good time to start getting it ready to “show”. I need to donate some clothes and shoes. I wish I lived closer to New Orleans to give it to the Katrina survivors. We gave money to the Red Cross and my company matched the amount so I feel good about that. I still wish we could do more. When 911 happened, I was in Texas (it was 6 months before I moved to Boston) and I felt so helpless…in that I mean I wanted to something, anything but I was so far away. I ended up standing in live for 4 hours to give blood the next morning (9-12). It was the least I could do. I’m having the same feelings with the Katrina catastrophe.

We’ve been invited over to our new house by the current habitants, the Coopers for an afternoon of information about the house and a tour around town. They sound wonderful, it’s so nice of them to have us over to show us things and introduce us to our new neighbors.


P&S Signed

September 8, 2005

Our Purchase and Sale Agreement has been signed!!!!!

It’s official, we are buying a house!

Now, I can start daydreaming about paint colors and all that wonderful stuff you do when you are about to embark on the world of home ownership. I can’t wait to get in there…just in time for the holidays too!

Floating on a cloud………………..


School update

September 2, 2005

School Sucks

I’m sick of this semester, it’s been eight weeks of writing proposals to imaginary upper management about various IT/IS projects. A company would go broke if they did everything I recommended in the last eight weeks. Ha!

I took today a vacation day from work to catch up on school work (you’d be surprised how much of my vacation time goes to towards school work) and as usual, I sat down for a couple of hours and did everything I needed to do and ended up with time to putz around a little.

What I should be doing is clearing out stuff we don’t want to move…it’s amazing how much we’ve grown into this place in the last 2.5 years since we moved in. I’m going to miss…scratch that…I can’t think of anything I’m going to miss. The new house is just too awesome to miss living in this apartment, albeit the coolest apartment that I’ve ever seen.