School update

September 2, 2005

School Sucks

I’m sick of this semester, it’s been eight weeks of writing proposals to imaginary upper management about various IT/IS projects. A company would go broke if they did everything I recommended in the last eight weeks. Ha!

I took today a vacation day from work to catch up on school work (you’d be surprised how much of my vacation time goes to towards school work) and as usual, I sat down for a couple of hours and did everything I needed to do and ended up with time to putz around a little.

What I should be doing is clearing out stuff we don’t want to move…it’s amazing how much we’ve grown into this place in the last 2.5 years since we moved in. I’m going to miss…scratch that…I can’t think of anything I’m going to miss. The new house is just too awesome to miss living in this apartment, albeit the coolest apartment that I’ve ever seen.


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