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Packing, Studying, Working and MOVING…

October 21, 2005

Okay, with 8 more classes left to I finish my degree, I know I should not complain BUT I can’t help myself. I’m so freaking burnt out with working, school and packing. I am so jealous of people who can do one thing at a time, like my co-workers. What I would give to not be expected to write papers every week!!!!

I actually day dreamed about getting a dog for about 20 minutes before I came to my senses the other day. It was a Boston Terrier. A co-worker has one and I could feel myself wanting one so I Googled them and surfed around the results for a little while before I heard a little voice in my head say “Are you out of your mind?” I shut the window and resumed my “normal” level of chaos.

Packing Sucks! But packing to move into a house that you just bought sucks a lot less than when I packed to moved into another apartment. I can’t wait to paint!!! Just say NO to white walls!

The move is next week, we have somewhat of a schedule because anal retentive me has to schedule my every minute in order to not stress out…Hey, it works for me!

Wednesday, October 26th – John’s birthday – John has the day off, Shannon has to work.
~ Previous owners are having the house cleaned and we’re free to move stuff into the garage or house after the cleaners are finished.
~ John needs to pack up the remainder of his office and take the tools from the mudroom and as many boxes as he can to the new garage.
~ John plans to go over to the new house to tape up the air ducts to prevent hardwood floor sanding mess from getting all over the house.
~ I should take John somewhere for dinner for his birthday…

Thursday, October 27th – John has the day off, Shannon has to work until 1:30pm.
~ 9am – John needs to meet the hardwood floor guys at the house to begin sanding.
~ 2pm – Closing, meet our lawyers and real estate agent in Salem, Mass. Spend two or so hours signing more papers than ever before only to leave horrified at the amount of interest we will pay over the years.
~6pm-ish – Take all of my plants that I can’t bare to live without, meaning roughly 20-25 pots over to the new house.
~ Walk around the house doing the happy dance, of course avoiding the hardwood floors in process of being refinished.

Friday, October 28th – Shannon’s birthday – Both of us are off work –woohoo!
~ 9am – Meet the movers at Water St. to take just about everything to our new house!! Since the hardwood floor guy will still be working on the upstairs, everything will go in the basement and garage. Well, I do plan to have the kitchen boxes placed in the kitchen and the massive entertainment center set in the front entry hall to make it easier to move after the floors are done.
~ Make a few runs with our own vehicles loaded with misc stuff like lamps and paintings
~ Friday night, go back to Water St. and clean up the apartment, go to dinner for my birthday, and sleep on a blow up mattress in an empty apartment with the cats.

Saturday, October 29th
Wake up for the last time on Water St. in Danvers, go to Dunkin Donuts for food and coffee because likely we will have moved everything by then (or at least I hope so).
~ Finish removing items from the house and cleaning the floors etc.
~ Make a couple of runs to the new house with more Misc. stuff (just forecasting for the worse, deep down I’m really hoping this doesn’t need to happen)
~ Place the cats in their carriers and face the dreaded ride to the new place with two whining cats, Maddie is worse than Chloe.
~ Make up the spare bedroom bed downstairs and sleep there for the night while the polyurethane dries (for the 2nd night) upstairs.

Sunday, October 30th
~Paint the living room – Kennebunkport Green from Benjamin Moore. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!!!!!!!!!!
~ Hopefully have a crew of friends come over and help move furniture and boxes from the basement up to the refinished hardwood floor area, while praying it’s really dry. *Reminder: Pick up 3M sliders for living room and bedroom furniture.

Monday, October 31st
~SLEEP late and take our time unpacking while feeling the sweet satisfaction about our fabulous new home!!!!


Funny Website for Avoiding Boredom

October 21, 2005