Our First Sleep Over!

November 9, 2005

Fran, Rick and their two kids Louis (2) and Emily (5) stayed the night Saturday. They were calling it a “vacation”. Rick brought sushi from the market in Boston. We used my new sushi dishes!!! We had tons of sushi too and my favorite…eel! It was a total blast. Fran crashed early (as usual) and Rick, John and I stayed up as late as we could stand it.

We had a great breakfast, thanks to John and Rick. Later we walked all around the grounds, Rick transplanted some ground covers and we investigated the pond waterfall that isn’t working at the moment. That’s a project for when the pond goes dry…which will be a while given the rain we had a few weeks ago and then the snow.

They stayed downstairs in the in-law suite. We should have warned them that our programmable thermometer drops the temperature down to 64 degrees each night. We are so used to it that we didn’t even think about it until the morning when they told us they were cold and had to get up for more blankets during the night. Oops.

Rick & Fran were all set to leave the house and head back to reality when we put the marinated tips on the grill…it was easy to get them to stay once that smell drifted through the house.

It was really nice having house guests. I want more…..who’s next???


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