We’re Officially “Home Moaners” Now

November 9, 2005

Okay, so the move didn’t go exactly as planned but everything worked out fine. For instance, we didn’t expect it to SNOW on one of the days we were moving stuff from the apartment to the house! But it worked out fine; we packed the vehicle, put the cats in their carriers, stopped at the store for breakfast food and coffee and set off for our first night in our new home.

The hardwood floors guys did an incredible job! They look brand new!!! I’m trying not to be wicked paranoid about scratches.

The house is amazing! We can see stars for miles at night and we really love the wood burning stoves. The backyard has a HUGE limb down waiting for us to test out the new chainsaw. I can’t wait! I managed to get all my perennials in the ground and hopefully they’ll take root before the first major frost. I think we’re going to have some snow tomorrow but it shouldn’t be anything major. While I was digging I found Spring bulbs, which is soooo cool because I don’t have to put any in this year. I’ll just wait to see where they pop up and plant more next year in the blank spots, if there are any.


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