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Backyard Antics

July 10, 2006

So the wedding was two weeks ago and I’m officially married. It doesn’t feel any different. How am I supposed to feel? How does married feel anyway?

The wedding was awesome, everything turned out beautiful! I can’t believe we pulled it off. There was a Bobcat in our backyard until the day before the wedding. The masons finished our walkway the day before that….down the last minute but it’s gorgeous now!

The pool has been great. I love it! I highly suggest the outdoor shower for those who own pools and/or spas. They rock! A nice hot shower after swimming feels great!

We are supposed to be getting a spa this week…an old one from a friend who didn’t want to fix it after the motor went out on it. I’m going to try to enjoy it…I’m not a huge spa fan because it makes me tired and that’s my least favorite state of being. I’d rather be pretty much anything other than tired. Nonetheless, I’m going to get in and give it a go.

We put the little boat in the pond and took a little ride around the pond while my nephew Robert was in town. It was fun! I’m not quite big enough to hold onto the oars while they are in the oar locks so I have to free-style (if you will).


Sad Forgotten Blog

July 10, 2006

This poor neglected blog! I bet everyone who used to visit here has officially given up on me. I haven’t blogged lately because I’ve been busy….likely excuse right?

Ok, I will try and post more often…really I will!