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Lunch Plus a Gallon of Red Bull

May 29, 2008

Okay, so I’m days away from a major deadline at work. I need all engines firing – no room for failure and/or exhaustion. It must be said that I’m already a caffeine-aholic and this week isn’t making it any easier to back away from the Red Bull. It’s just so unbelievably tempting…I can keep it in my drawer people! I don’t even have to move from my chair to get the caffeine that I think I need to survive. Oh the thrill!


Anyone Use DOS Still?

May 12, 2008

Believe it or not I’ve used it more in the last 3 years than all of the 90s combined when I was doing tech support for a living. It is extremely handy for moving large amounts of files, creating lots of folders and sorting data. Yet, the idea of changing the font is not something I really considered, until now. Thanks to Digital Inspiration, I can now change the Font of Command Prompt Window to Consolas For More Comfortable Reading.

I can’t help but laugh…I’m tempted to make the font change just for the fun of it. I’ve wasted time in worse ways.


School Update

May 5, 2008

After six long years of going to school full-time while working full-time building my career I finally graduated, actually this past November. My mother moved in literally the very next day, talk about crazy. My graduation was in February but I chose to buy an iPhone rather than fly down to Florida to walk across the stage with strangers (I went school online). My degrees are in Information Technology and Business Management. I’m so happy to be done. I still have a hard time believing that I’m not supposed to be writing a paper (or 2-3) every weekend. A funny thing I’ve noticed about myself is I somehow during the process of going to school I decided that I cannot make commitments for my weekends because they stressed me out and I didn’t perform as well in my studies. So now, I don’t have that problem yet I still hesitate every time I’m asked to commit to something. I just want to hoard my time now that I finally have some.


We’re Going Green: Part II

May 5, 2008

I totally forgot in my last post all of the things that we are doing to go green with food! We joined a local food co-op and weekly we pick up our “share” of organic locally grown fruits and vegetables. Also, we pick up our bread and anti-biotic/hormone-free meats at Tendercrop.

We’re building two large raised beds to attempt to grow our own vegetables for the summer and we plan to experiment with canning.

Oh and I plan to use only organic treatments in my lawn/garden this year. Previously, I used Scott’s Step 1-4 but I haven’t figured out yet what I can replace that with. Any suggestions???


We Are Going Green

May 4, 2008

We’ve started the process of making our house more environmentally friendly. This is what we’ve done so far:

All organic, natural cleaning products
80% florescent lights (the rest have dimmers – need a florescent that can handle dimmers)
recycling all paper, plastic, glass, cans
composting kitchen waste
Bamboo sheets

Still To Do:

Call city recycling and buy the outdoor composter
Build boxes to collect larger yard debris to be used in the composter (50-50% green to brown ratio)
Paint the master bathroom with no VOC paint
Paint our bedroom with no VOC paint
Finish building the raised beds.