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The Idea is Out of the Cooker and Almost in a Box to Ship

June 1, 2008

My hubby started a company over a year ago with a friend and the product that has been incubating since then is finally almost ready to ship. I am not supposed to talk about it much except to say is having something to do with traffic lights in LA. Well, they agree starting with LA and hoping it catches on. I want to pay off our school loans and build another level on our house. Yes, both dreams are lofty but I’ve never been one to have tiny goals so why start now? I know it could fail, I know but I believe it visualizing the end result and doing everything possible to see that become reality…negative thinking is not permitted. So, we spend all day yesterday tweaking and obsessing. Today, we’re up early and ready to put the final touches on it before reading it to ship and moving on to the next project. The raised beds. The posts need to be buried before the soil can be put in. Ed’s supposed to bring his Bobcat over and help us but we haven’t heard from him. I’m getting pretty stressed out about the garden because so much of plan was supposed to be started from seed. Seed that is still in the packages until everyone I’m reliant on’s sense of urgency catches up with mine. All the cold weather seeds are out already; hopefully they’ll still be good next year. The setback started in the winter when we couldn’t paint until it was consistently 50 degrees overnight 3 days in a row. That’s not easy to come by in New England until Spring so the painting and all the assembly happened late and we had a family visit in the middle of it and many other mini projects. Nevertheless, I’m wicked impatient about it and can’t wait until it’s ready to get dirty in!