Goodbye Circuit City. I Will Miss You!

March 3, 2009

I find it sad that Circuit City is going out of business. Largely because a lot of people will be out of work but also because they were the most convenient electronics store in my area. The second most convenient is Best Buy but I “lost that loving feeling” for them many years and purchases ago when it became such a headache to find someone who knew what they were talking about  and experiencing their awful check out process for large items. This is pretty much the process, add 20-40 minutes to each part: Find the item you came in for, ask around for help, give up on help and make the decision on your own, find someone to tell that you would like that item and want to know if it’s in stock, wait for that person to have a smoke break or whatever they do when they disappear into the warehouse “looking” for your item, have the person come back to tell you they’ll have your item upfront in 5 minutes, go upfront and wait, 20 minutes later ask someone if they have seen the item you are trying to buy,  wait for another employee to go look, ah they found it, go through the check out, get hassled for maintenance plan, credit card, Monster power strip, finish check out and carry/push item out to your car yourself wondering why no one offered to help.

I loved Circuit City’s checkout process. Get help deciding on what’s the best item for you, make your purchase, walk out, back the car up and have someone else load it for you. Nice. I will miss that.

As of this Sunday, they are done. Kaput. Outta here.

Goodbye Circuit City, you will be missed.


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