Find Your Peak Time of Day for Productivity

March 5, 2009

While surfing around, I stumbled on this article: Accomplish More: Work At Your Peak Times Of Day In the article, Ali Hale talks about how it’s important to find your peak work time and utilize it to the best of your ability. I learned this lesson pretty quickly when I was going to school and working full-time. I learned that morning/early afternoon is my peak time but unfortunately I was usually at work then so I figured out when my next best time was immediately after work. So, I tailored my schoolwork schedule around those times. On Saturday and Sunday mornings I would get up (after letting myself sleep in of course) and do as much schoolwork as I could before calling it a day. Then during the week, I would have a snack in the afternoon at my desk before heading home to hit the books.

When I talk to college students I try to offer this bit of advice (if I think they’re open to receiving it) find your most productive time of the day and do your schoolwork then. Make it a priority to capitalize on that time. It works.


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