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Raised Beds

March 18, 2012

Since taking out the pool we now have a great space for building a bigger garden. Now for deciding what materials to build new raised beds out of. We did wood ones before that we painted white but these are pretty.



Garage Flooring

August 9, 2011

Finally got around to having a floor installed in the garage. We were going to do it ourselves but decided with the twins coming to just hire it done. Our list of to dos is large but the amount of time we have to finish everything is not. Isn’t it purdy?


Thinking about Redoing Our Stairs

June 18, 2011

I’m thinking about redoing our stairs. Right now there is carpet on them which catches animal hair like crazy…which drive me crazy. Maybe something like this from Centsational Girl would be cool.

stairs before & after


Painting the Garage

May 18, 2011

Found a manly color of blue gray to paint the garage office walls. We think it looks good.


New Update: New Kitchen in Progress

April 20, 2011

A short list of what we’ve already accomplished in the kitchen:

# Remove paneling in breakfast nook space
# Replace R-7 insulation in outside walls with higher R value insulation
# Hang new drywall
# Learn how to tape and mud
# Pull down the ceiling
# Hang new drywall on the ceiling
# Resurface ceiling with Behr Sand Paint
# Paint ceiling and walls with Kilz primer
# Paint walls with Behr Ultra Aged Parchment
# Get new appliances (stove, dishwasher and refrigerator)
# Add two new electrical outlets to outside wall
# Pick up granite samples and decide on a pattern
# Pull down pantry cabinet to relocate electrical outlet that’s in the pantry
# Move upper cabinet left of the sink to align it with the sink.
# Pack up kitchen (wasn’t as bad as I thought)
# Pick out, purchase and install new pendant lighting
# New cabinets install
# Pick out and purchase a sink
# Pick out and purchase a faucet
# Replace breakfast nook window and re-frame wall
# Custom build a booth style table in the breakfast nook
# Pick out, purchase and install new range hood
# Pick out, purchase and install new 3 inch can lights

Still to do:
# Vent range hood through roof
# Install back splash (we’ve picked it out yay!)
# Install new baseboard molding

We didn’t originally plan to replace all the windows but I think we’re going to end up doing that.


The New Message Center

March 18, 2011

Our mail was always ending up in the kitchen on the counters. We were in serious need of an alternative. Here’s what we decided on. Pottery Barn’s message center. Love it!!


Kitchen: During Construction

February 12, 2011

Here are some shots during construction.