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A Green(er) Christmas

December 27, 2008

This year was a little different from past ones. We not only bought each other significantly less gifts we also tried to be cognizant of purchasing less waste. I bought John 3 desk organizer items made of bamboo for his new office. Mom bought me bamboo knitting needles and overall we had a large reduction in boxes, paper, tape etc. We saved all of our paper to use as fire starters. That is when the cold weather returns. Somehow 40 degrees doesn’t feel that cold anymore. I don’t even wear a normal coat for that…just a rain coat but I digress. This Christmas we put a lot more thought into our purchases and didn’t buy any large items. The largest thing purchased was an Ott light for John but if you have ever used an Ott light you understand. They’re fantastic!
Anyway, the point of all this is to say I think it’s important that we all think through our purchases and consider the impact of our choices on the environment.


Finals, Christmas and Wedding plans…Oh My!

December 7, 2005

Ok, so the Open House Brunch went off without a hitch and now it’s time to focus on Christmas, my finals and then….the wedding!!!

This morning, I gazed out at the backyard daydreaming about the wedding taking place there…albeit covered in snow currently I was still able to “see” it. There are so many things that need to take place before that. I should really get started but I’m doing my best to hold off until after finals.

I was such a slacker this semester…I have soooooo much work to do in the next two weeks. I will get it all done and I will set a record for me. That’s what ya get for being a slacker!


We are Back in Boston!

December 29, 2004

Well, we made it home. It was an enjoyable and stressful trip at different times. My father ended up in emergency surgery for his heart and was released Christmas Eve. I heard this morning from my step mom Shirley that he is back in the hospital with chest pain. Ugh! Please say a prayer for my dad.

We spent time with the NavSol crew (the job I left when I moved to Boston) on the Friday that we got to Dallas, Saturday we had an open house party at my Mother’s so we saw a lot of great friends. Donna made the night memorable, thanks Donna. 🙂 After that, it was family for a few days. We stayed over at Dad and Shirley’s house for a night. With them, we ate at Abuelo’s and drove around looking at Christmas lights. Later in the week, we squeezed in a way too short visit to Christie and Steven’s beautiful new home in Northwest Plano and Jenny and Tom’s gorgeous place in McKinney. We did get a partial evening with Diane, Mike and Annette in Plano, which was a fun night. Sadly, we did not get to spend time with everyone that we wanted too; it’s amazing how fast 10 days can go by. Overall, it was a nice trip (before Dad got sick) and I’m thankful to those who rearranged their schedules and made sure they saw us while we were in town.

Don’t forget to say a prayer for my dad and Shirley! Thanks in advance!