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Garden Goods

August 26, 2008

Two kinds of beans, cucumber, eggplant, green peppers and a jalapeno

This is some of what we harvested lately. When I checked there were 6 or so eggplants about the size of the one in this picture. It’s time to look up eggplant recipes. We’ve had loads of cucumbers this year until we got something like three weeks of rain. We made homemade pickles and gave them out. I couldn’t believe how well they turned out. Thanks Mom. Again because of the rain the tomatoes are slow coming this year. They’ve been on the vine for a while but their having trouble ripening. We have had lots of cherry tomatoes though. I gave everything a good supply of food this past weekend so here’s hoping. I really need to blog more about my gardening since it’s on my mind so much. Like where can I fit more next year, lots more. I learned a lot this summer so far such as eggplant grows ridiculously tall and I should put the carrots front and center in the raised beds so nothing crowds them out. I experimented with companion planting this year as a natural way of deterring harmful bugs. It seemed to work pretty well until we got all that rain, after that we learned how to use fungicides and pesticides. But they were organic. I have loads of pictures. I’ll try and post a few soon. For now here’s one nights harvest. I tend to only bring in what I think we’ll eat soon. We’re still picking up our local organic food share weekly so we have plenty of fruits and veggies.  🙂