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Ireland for New Years = Awesome

January 9, 2010

We had a great time in Dublin. We went for 5 days over New Years with another couple. The city is great, people are friendly and we would go back in a heart beat!


What Are You Doin’ New Years Eve?

December 28, 2008

My husband can’t stop singing that old Rufus Wainwright song, “What Are You Doin’ New Years Eve?” So I started thinking, what are we going to do?

Personally, our plans keep changing. First Fran was having a party. Then we were staying home. As of 10 minutes ago and a few phone calls it looks like we’re hosting a party. He doesn’t love hosting parties but he does love staying home….especially on New Years Eve. It’s a good compromise since I love a good party and he does too only he’d rather stay home. I will offer up the guest bedroom (first come first serve) to someone who lives far or just wants to stay over. Should be interesting…

Update: We got a big snow storm and we ended up staying home. A couple we’re friends with (they have snow tires) came over. It was still fun.


Boat Ride with Rick & Fran – Out of Salem Harbor

October 8, 2006

Incredible weather, great friends…fun times.


Our First Sleep Over!

November 9, 2005

Fran, Rick and their two kids Louis (2) and Emily (5) stayed the night Saturday. They were calling it a “vacation”. Rick brought sushi from the market in Boston. We used my new sushi dishes!!! We had tons of sushi too and my favorite…eel! It was a total blast. Fran crashed early (as usual) and Rick, John and I stayed up as late as we could stand it.

We had a great breakfast, thanks to John and Rick. Later we walked all around the grounds, Rick transplanted some ground covers and we investigated the pond waterfall that isn’t working at the moment. That’s a project for when the pond goes dry…which will be a while given the rain we had a few weeks ago and then the snow.

They stayed downstairs in the in-law suite. We should have warned them that our programmable thermometer drops the temperature down to 64 degrees each night. We are so used to it that we didn’t even think about it until the morning when they told us they were cold and had to get up for more blankets during the night. Oops.

Rick & Fran were all set to leave the house and head back to reality when we put the marinated tips on the grill…it was easy to get them to stay once that smell drifted through the house.

It was really nice having house guests. I want more…..who’s next???


Life Update…

February 12, 2005

What started as eloping at a bed and breakfast in New Hampshire has become a wedding in Boston. Now for a date….Winter or Spring? Maybe I’ll use the dart board later to decide.

My homework is almost done for the weekend. I just need to do a ROI report on implementing a new computer system at a medical center, build a diagram of the system and write an explanation of various alternatives. School stuff….

Going to Rick and Fran’s tonight. Rick called and said he just left the sushi market in Chinatown (Boston). Yum Yum! I am bringing portabella mushrooms that I grew from the kit Cindy and Paul gave me for Christmas. They look incredible.


New Semester Around the Bend…

January 13, 2005

New Year’s Eve was a blast! I think I am done hosting parties for a while. I do love having friends over and cooking for them but I need to be focused on school. My new semester starts Monday and I am taking two challenging classes this semester, Programming and Systems Analysis and Design. At the beginning of every semester I start out all pumped about my classes and jump into my assignments only to become less and less enchanted as the semester drags on, this semester I am going to *try* and maintain focus throughout the semester to see if it affects my grades.


New Year’s Eve is Coming!

December 30, 2004

This year is going to be another fun time! We are having a sequel to last year’s party. It grew larger and we are now expecting about 16 people. I’m leaving work today at 3:30pm to use up the last minutes (literally) of my remaining vacation time. I need to pick up appetizers or picky’s as my friend Rachel calls them. And since our apartment looks like a couple suitcases exploded (they sort of did) I will clean that up too.

Frannie and I are trying out some sugar-free martini mixes made with Splenda; we bought Blue Raspberry and Cranberry for cosmos. Last year Charlie brought over Tiramisu martinis…yum yum! I would make them but the recipe is an ancient Chinese secret. The verdict is still out on if he’ll be bringing those again this year.