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Garage Flooring

August 9, 2011

Finally got around to having a floor installed in the garage. We were going to do it ourselves but decided with the twins coming to just hire it done. Our list of to dos is large but the amount of time we have to finish everything is not. Isn’t it purdy?


Painting the Garage

May 18, 2011

Found a manly color of blue gray to paint the garage office walls. We think it looks good.


Garage Update: Plaster

August 15, 2010

The Mr. and I enjoy DIY projects but plastering was never something we considered for more than 5 minutes. Having professionals do their thing was a good decision. The results speak for themselves.


Garage Update III

August 2, 2010

Saturday night our friend and electrician Scottie came over to finish up the electrical portion of the garage project. He and John worked into the night finishing at 4am. Apparently, a lot more needed to be done than anticipated. Poor guys.

To top it off, the electrical inspector came this morning and approved the electrical rough so we are good to go with wall board! Pics to follow.


Garage Update II – Awaiting the Electrician

July 10, 2010

The inspector has signed off on the contractor’s work. So the next step is a final outlet or two by the electrician and the electrical inspection final sign off. After that we can start wall board and the floors. I can NOT wait. As you can see from the photos John hasn’t been able to wait either so he set up his office temporarily while we wait for the electrician to come finish up his part. Of course everything you see here will have to be moved out to finish the job but that is a worry for another day.


Finally the Garage Project is Near Completion

June 22, 2010

Near completion may be a stretch but we are finally approved to finish the garage. Three interim building code inspectors later we are approved to put dry wall up and finish the floors. The current interim inspector came by Monday and gave us the a-okay to finish it out. We’ve lined up an electrician for the weekend (he’s a good friend) and a drywall guy is coming to give us a quote today. I’ll take some interior shots before and after that happens. I really cannot wait to finish the garage. 1. because I want my hubby to enjoy having a nice space 2. I can’t wait to start on my kitchen. (sneaky)