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Maddie & Mama Bear

April 20, 2005

Well…we named our new kitten Madeline but we call her Maddie. She is so cute. Although, she’s not very cute at 5am when she wakes me up playing with my hair. Nor is it funny when she piles her toys on my chest and plays sitting on my chest with her toy collection while I sleep. Chloe is starting to warm up to her. I think she is starting to see that she can use Maddie as her very own interactive toy. Chloe finds Maddie’s food to be tastier than hers. Since Chloe is on senior kitty food and Maddie is on kitten food there is probably more fattening stuff in Maddie’s food. Can’t say as I blame her but that doesn’t stop me from hiding Maddie’s food from Mama Bear (Chloe’s new nickname).

I want to run home after work to feed them and play with them. I actually look forward to it and don’t mind a bit. I guess that’s what they mean when they say after you have kids your life changes but you won’t mind. They are so much fun! I hope they get me a Mother’s Day gift this year since Chloe hasn’t for the past 10 years. Ha!!!



Slacker Friday

April 8, 2005

I wanted to slack off at work today because things have been so busy all week but I didn’t have much luck with it. I kept getting slammed with work. It seems like the longer I’m at this company the more they gain faith in my abilities to get more and more done. I need to figure out how to reverse the process. Kidding! We have a new four-legged family member, a six-week old kitty. She’s all white with a patch of gray on her forehead. She’s ridiculously cute!

The wedding plans are stalled while we live our normal lives and John travels all over the Northeast. He just gave me his itinerary for the next few weeks, it looks like I’ll have plenty of time for girl’s nights.