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Happy New Years!

January 11, 2006

Happy New Years!

The holidays are over, my finals are over and now it’s time for wedding plans and a new semester. I started last week and my first papers are due this weekend. My first classes of the semester were last night and they both went well. The changed to a new format and the chats run very fast now, you really have to pay attention, unlike before. I used to multi-task during class and there will be less of that now. But since I’m paying for my education, I don’t mind.

The wedding is planned for June 24th, 2006! I need to get cracking on confirming the caterer, the cake, the photographer, minister and DJ. I’ve spoken with a caterer and I’m praying they can do a decent Mexican food spread. This isn’t Texas ya know. I really want it to rock. I will have to try everything first and since I’m such a salsa snob I’m thinking about giving them my recipe to use.

I need to really start thinking about my backyard and how I can transform it into a wedding oasis. I’m thinking lots of red flowers and hanging lanterns. I’m wondering how I can keep John from seeing me in the same house….I’m not sure that will happen. We’ll have to see. I’m such a DIY girl; I have to be there to set things up. Maybe he can do some of it ahead of time and sleep at Charlie’s house the night before. Can I trust him to not stay up so late that he’s tired at the wedding???? That’s a good question…


New Year’s Eve is Coming!

December 30, 2004

This year is going to be another fun time! We are having a sequel to last year’s party. It grew larger and we are now expecting about 16 people. I’m leaving work today at 3:30pm to use up the last minutes (literally) of my remaining vacation time. I need to pick up appetizers or picky’s as my friend Rachel calls them. And since our apartment looks like a couple suitcases exploded (they sort of did) I will clean that up too.

Frannie and I are trying out some sugar-free martini mixes made with Splenda; we bought Blue Raspberry and Cranberry for cosmos. Last year Charlie brought over Tiramisu martinis…yum yum! I would make them but the recipe is an ancient Chinese secret. The verdict is still out on if he’ll be bringing those again this year.