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Donna is Coming for a Visit to Boston

June 16, 2005

Finally, the day has come when Donna will land at the lovely Boston Logan airport for a weeklong visit at the Gaither-Weston household. I can hardly stand to be at work. My mind is going a million miles an hour with things that I want to show her in the Boston area. Sadly, it’s raining so it won’t be the beautiful day that I had hoped for but we’ll have fun nonetheless. But hey, I’m not watering my plants and rushing to clean my car either…rain has it’s perks.


Looking Forward to a Visit from a Friend

May 4, 2005

Donna’s on her way. One week in lovely Boston at a beautiful time of the year…June. I’m going to take a few days off with my old friend.


Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

May 3, 2005

Who’s idea was it for me to take a Shakespeare class anyway? I have to write papers about “Who is Juliet?” The stories are detailed and long. I think I’ll start enjoying it more once I get caught up on all my papers. Ah…tomorrow is another day. Tonight I have to finish reading my chapters…or Acts as they are referred to in Romeo and Juliet. My Conflict Resolution and Team Dynamics class has been going well. So far I have written a 500 word essay, numerous message board postings and participated in two online seminars. I’m probably boring you all so I’m going to call my girlfriend Donna to get her flight to Boston to visit me booked.