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Finals, Christmas and Wedding plans…Oh My!

December 7, 2005

Ok, so the Open House Brunch went off without a hitch and now it’s time to focus on Christmas, my finals and then….the wedding!!!

This morning, I gazed out at the backyard daydreaming about the wedding taking place there…albeit covered in snow currently I was still able to “see” it. There are so many things that need to take place before that. I should really get started but I’m doing my best to hold off until after finals.

I was such a slacker this semester…I have soooooo much work to do in the next two weeks. I will get it all done and I will set a record for me. That’s what ya get for being a slacker!


What a Morning!

November 23, 2005

It started at 6am, feeling sorry for myself…surely I was the ONLY one going to work today. John made me breakfast, which always helps. I jumped into my car after it warmed up a bit (Thank you John for my remote start!), I hit the road and it started SNOWING!!! There’s nothing like driving fast on the highway with snow bouncing off your windshield. I got to work and I kicked butt building eight content pages for the website, uploaded data via ftp for a co-worker, build some cool front page images and went shopping at lunch. Now I’m having a great day!

I need to pick up a poinsettia for Gail on my way home from work so we can take it to dinner tomorrow. What do get a person who has everything? A poinsettia!

Tomorrow’s weather prediction has us getting 2-4 inches of snow beginning before 9am. I can’t wait! We’ll get to try out the new ride-on snow blower. John will be traveling for the next two weeks during the week so I should probably learn how to operate at least one of the two snow blowers. Not thrilled with that prospect but I’ll get over it. We’re going to Charlie & Gail’s for Thanksgiving dinner at 1:30, it should be a pretty drive if we get the snow they are predicting.

The Open House Brunch is next weekend so the goal(s) for this weekend is to get the Christmas lights up on the house (woohoo), snake the wall to run the Entertainment center wires (John), get the server back up (we haven’t touched it since we moved), hang curtains and paint a second coat around the trim in the living room. I’ve got the menu all planned…Cream Cheese & Bacon Crescents, Sky High Brunch Bake, and Cheese & Ham Spirals. Fran’s bring her French Toast, Ronnie’s bringing 2 quiches and Linda is going to make Belgium Waffles. We’ll serve Mimosas, Bloody Marys, Coffee (with liquors available like Baileys) and Orange Juice. We’ve received 30 RSVPs so we should have a good turn out….I’m praying for a pretty day!

I’m almost done Christmas shopping…I think I only have 2 people left. I think this is a Shannie record! I’m usually still shopping well into December. I need to get started on my Christmas cards; I like to get them out early.

I have so much homework it’s ridiculous. I’m going to need the holiday time off to get it all done. I’ve been in denial but I do have to make myself write some boring papers and long message board postings to keep my grades up. If you want to be bored to sleep, take Operations Management! Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to run a manufacturing plant? Logistics and Supply Chain Management? Me either!!!!!!

The rest of my degree won’t be fun but it will be over at some point so that what keeps me going. I think I’ll take a semester off when I get married (in June). I’m getting a lot of pressure to do so. And I think if I don’t…I could find out what it looks like to have my brain explode and I don’t think it would be pretty…

I’m going to go finish this day with a Red Bull and some painting and maybe, just maybe some homework. I recommend the Red Bull (Sugar Free) but don’t attempt the homework! It will make your brain work and that would be bad…very very bad.


We’re Officially “Home Moaners” Now

November 9, 2005

Okay, so the move didn’t go exactly as planned but everything worked out fine. For instance, we didn’t expect it to SNOW on one of the days we were moving stuff from the apartment to the house! But it worked out fine; we packed the vehicle, put the cats in their carriers, stopped at the store for breakfast food and coffee and set off for our first night in our new home.

The hardwood floors guys did an incredible job! They look brand new!!! I’m trying not to be wicked paranoid about scratches.

The house is amazing! We can see stars for miles at night and we really love the wood burning stoves. The backyard has a HUGE limb down waiting for us to test out the new chainsaw. I can’t wait! I managed to get all my perennials in the ground and hopefully they’ll take root before the first major frost. I think we’re going to have some snow tomorrow but it shouldn’t be anything major. While I was digging I found Spring bulbs, which is soooo cool because I don’t have to put any in this year. I’ll just wait to see where they pop up and plant more next year in the blank spots, if there are any.


Mail Me Some Sunshine Please!

March 8, 2005

It’s snowing again for the umpteenth time this winter. We’re expecting 6-10 inches and that’s nothing! We have had much more this winter…like the 38 inches we received in January.

I have three weeks left of this semester. It has been an interesting one. I used to dislike group projects because there was always someone that didn’t carry their weight. But since I go to school with mostly adults now, it’s been great splitting up some of our weekly projects to share the burden. I wish I could take them with me to the rest of my classes. Oh well…I will miss them.